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Video fidanzata annunci gratis sesso To know these conditions is very important, because one is often carried, for different reasons, to consider some more important than others, with the obvious conclusion that those who do not accept the same ones come to be defined counter-revolutionary. Prisoners in Poggioreale also protest in solidarity and demand the immediate application of prison reforms. 6 Udine: Proletari armati per il comunismo shoot and kill the chief warder of the local prison. The Communist Party mayor calls in the army.
These are all questions which the anarchist movement in Italy has been forced to face in recent years, some groups more willingly than others. It is not possible to fix a scale of merit concerning the conditions that determine the level of the struggle. Changes in the level of conflict are normal events which often come in waves which move around an axis which seems to remain stable even during continual change. August 12 Catania: Incidents in the juvenile prison. A Luisa Spagnola shop is burned. April Catania: Two hooded men wound the chief prison warden in the legs. Action claimed by Red Bri gades. Before leaving they devastate the premises and take away money and various objects. Revolt is what characterises the life of each one. In Bologna incidents break out during a march. To guarantee his safety, others in the prison take a warder and three fascist prisoners hostage. 24 Turin: Capital punishment for 22 year old Antonio Torchia. 22 Naples: Fascist meeting place Contro Corrente is set fire to after a trades union meeting. In the Hot Autumn of 1969 the workers in the factories begin to organise autonomously, in the form of wildcat strikes, factory occupations, etc., and this situation has lasted, with varying periods of flux and reflux, to the present day. 22 Orani: dolci incontri milano la bakeca italiana The car of Christian Democrat councillor is blown. 13 Rome: The Red Brigades kneecap the area manger of the SIP. 27 Turin: One of the fiat Mirafiori managers is lamed by a Red Brigades nucleus. 22 Turin: Squadre di donne comuniste (a feminist cell) set fire to and destroy the car belonging to a gynecologist who refuses to do abor tions. 15 people are arrested.

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